Holy flammable inco’ pads Robin!

Did you know that incontinence pads are flammable?  No?  Remember that next time you’re wearing one while smoking a fag; you don’t want to drop it and set yourself alight.

Sage advice from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) during our home safety visit (ok, so I *may* have paraphrased a little but it did arise out of one of their call-outs).

I’ll back track a little…

ESFRS operate a ‘Home Safety’ visit scheme, they come round have a little chat and install some smoke alarms.  It’s completely free of charge and in my opinion is a truly wonderful idea.

We saw ESFRS at the Eastbourne 999 show and asked them if they’d replace our smoke alarm as it was pipping.  No trouble, they gave us a ring a bit later on, arranged a time and came on round.

One chap did the replacement of the alarms (previously fitted by them) and I got to do the pop quiz with the other.  The questions covered all the main things which we needed to be aware of: candles, exit routes, boiler servicing, things piled up around the electric meter box, turning things off at the plug, children and hot things, electric blankets, smoking.  You will be pleased to know that we ‘passed’ with flying colours (“Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?” “Yes” “What really?” “Yep in the kitchen”).

But the best bit (other than potentially life saving smoke alarms)… They gave Will their radio to play with.  He loved it, knobs twisted, buttons pressed, flappy bits flapped.  “Don’t worry, it’s turned off”.  Not when he gave it back to them it wasn’t.  Ooops!

They gave us the impression that the Home Safety Visit service is done by all Fire and Rescue Services, so if you are short on smoke alarms or would like some friendly advice, give them a call.  Who knows, they might let you twiddle their knobs too…

…Radio knobs.


Home safety visit info for East Sussex Fire and Rescue can be found here: http://www.esfrs.org/hsv.shtml